A: I know! A potato!

Q: What is the best gift for the person who has everything?

Why didn't I see this at Christmastime? Shopping DONE.
Because if they have everything, surely they need a potato.

This is an actual, real ad that I saw today. What is even going on in this world? I mean, yeah, I get that it is intended as a prank — it’s just that if I was inclined to give someone a potato, I’m pretty sure I’d want to customize it myself.

Is Your Nose Too Big? I CAN HELP YOU

Ah, Pinterest. The land of perfectly clean houses, unlimited crafts, fairytale weddings, and beauty hacks.

I was perusing Pinterest a while ago, when I came across this amazing beauty hack, and I had to share it with all of you. Surely, someone out there can benefit. If not, you can at least enjoy the ride, because man is it a doozy. So, grab your dramamine and come along for this mess of a beauty roller coaster, complete with amazing advice that has been poorly translated into English.

Is your nose too big?

Make your nose smaller… naturally.

Thank GOODNESS. Y’all, I’ve been so stressed about trying to find a proper, natural way to shrink my nose.

After a great deal of exhausting research, I did manage to find the “after” photo. Yay for natural nose discintigration!