Hooray Chef!

The attraction which people seem to have to creepy chef statues has always baffled and fascinated me. I know many people find them to be whimsical and cute.

I am not one of those people.

As a side note, I have just learned something about myself. Apparently, whenever I find something to be disturbing, I photograph it. And then I promptly share it here.

Consider the fact that I share with you the things that disturb me a distinct privilege — much like when you find something disgusting and have to immediately show it to your best friend. (“Hey! A huge wad of disgusting old food! BESTIE, YOU SIMPLY MUST SEE!)

Anyway. All that to say, “Hey, look! I found the awesomest most adorable bit of whimsy! creepiest chef statue in the world’s Mini Me. And he is also either very happy to be a Mini Me, or he is in mid-cartwheel. I’m not sure which.



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