The Woes of Being (Nearly) OCD

I am obsessive.

If there is something out of order, I have to fix it. If something is crooked, I must straighten it. If a blanket is slightly wrinkled, I must un-wrinkle it. These things bother me to an unbelievable degree.

That said, I must share with you that there is something in my office that drives me nuts. Every. Single. Day. And there is nothing I can do about it.


Can you see it? (Hint: it is not the box of face masks. I straightened it after I took the photos.)


See it yet?


Ughhhhhh, oh, ow! It hurts, it hurts! Make it stop!

The real problem is that I can’t do anything about it. You see, the pictures aren’t crooked — they’ve been situated on the wall ever so slightly off-line from one another. And they are screwed into the wall. And I’m not allowed to do any sort of maintenance to this building. So I can’t fix it.

Just so you understand how much I have to look at these pictures, you have to understand where my desk is situated. This is the view of my desk, looking out from the skewed pictures:


I literally have to work at NOT STARING AT IT ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.



The view looking from my desk. Ugh!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “The Woes of Being (Nearly) OCD

    1. Unfortunately there’s not. I can’t even take the pictures down off the wall! :-/

      I can’t tell you how good it is to know I’m not the only one this would annoy. It really is bad. At least the other pictures I can set aright — I don’t know why they’ve secured these two in the manner they have!


  1. zaksopinion

    Haha. I’m OCD too. I grew up in a household where my father was severely OCD. It was a good experience.


      1. zaksopinion

        Totally. Time in the kitchen was a disaster. Each time a crumb would fall on the ground the world ended.


      2. zaksopinion

        Yeah. In our house only my father would be allowed to cook. But despite his OCD he is an amazing person.


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