Ear Vac

Ear wax.

We all have it. I can honestly say I don’t often discuss it.

When I came across this gem, I couldn’t help but take notice.

I’m sort of sorry for even writing about this.
Wax Vac! Now, I do understand that technically some people have a problem with the idea of using cotton swabs to clean ears. I, however, happen to subscribe to the opinion that a VACUUM cannot logically be safer than a cotton swab.

Let’s just take a moment and look at this thing again, a little more closely. Just look at it.

Problem 1: this woman looks too happy.

Problem 2: the word suction should not, in my opinion, be accompanying any device for the ear.

Problem 3: I don’t want to clean an ear wax Hoover.

I am afraid to find out what they want to examine with the light.

And finally, it seems like a very bad idea to put anything with the “As Seen On TV” logo on it into your ear. I feel everybody should follow this rule of thumb to get them through life.


5 thoughts on “Ear Vac

  1. Yes, the “as seen on TV” thing doesn’t exactly instill confidence in me. Next thing you know, it’s vacuumed out your brain and set your hair on fire. Of course, you probably won’t care about that by then, but I’m sure you get the point.


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