Antique Shop Horrors: 07 January, 2014

Long-time readers may recall that several months ago, whilst perusing yet another antique shop, I came across a basket of heads belonging to various Asian dolls. Never before had I ever actually seen a basket of random heads. Nor did I expect to ever see another.

You can imagine my surprise when, this past weekend, I came across yet another basket of heads. These are not Asian doll in nature, however; they appear to be just ceramic heads of two Mexican gentlemen and a smaller cowboy’s head, who happens to look rather embarrassed.


In case just one view wasn’t enough for you:

I’m torn as to whether or not the cowboy on the far left looks embarrassed at being there, or if he is, instead, more worried that the other two heads will realize he is there with them.

I’m not sure, but his face is tugging at one of those vague memory strings in my mind. I want to say this appears to be Buffalo Bill. Maybe?


3 thoughts on “Antique Shop Horrors: 07 January, 2014

  1. It does look a little like Buffalo Bill. He’s probably embarrassed because look how tiny his head is! And he probably doesn’t want the other two heads to know he’s there because they’ll probably make fun of how tiny his head is compared to them. *ahem*


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