Antique Shop Horrors: 11 January, 2014

Antique Danish Woman disapproves of my antique shop shenanigans.

I wonder what she will do to me if I misbehave further? Perhaps she will sick this demon duck on me.

I firmly believe that ducks should not have red eyes. They just shouldn’t.

It would also appear that the Disapproving Danish Lady’s disapproval is spread throughout the shop; these two children clearly do not approve of my shenanigans.

So angry. Wow. The pheasant on the right even has to look away from their angry glares.


One thought on “Antique Shop Horrors: 11 January, 2014

  1. I think the pheasant is just relieved because he thought he was going to be the twins dinner. Now he’s trying to be all nonchalant so you don’t get scared off. Run, Erin, run!!!


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