Fun With Kung Fu Films: Kung Fu Arts

I very much enjoy watching old Kung Fu films. The more ridiculous the story, the better, so far as I am concerned.

Bearing in mind my strict high standard of movie watching, I found the storyline of Kung Fu Arts to be highly entertaining, if slightly disturbing.

You see, a rebel accidentally hit the princess with a poisoned dart whilst trying to hit his attacker. The emperor’s doctors were unable to identify the poison, and so were unable to come up with an antidote. As a last-ditch effort to save the princess’ life, the emperor issues a decree: anybody who could save the princess from the mystery poison could have her hand in marriage.

What happened next is nothing short of baffling. A monkey showed up with the antidote. Desperate, the emperor allowed the monkey to tend to the princess:

The monkey doctor on his way into the palace.

After some very serious discussion with the monkey, it was decided to let him try to save the princess:


He must’ve been very convincing.

The monkey even goes so far as to check her temperature:


And finally, you guessed it — the king allowed the monkey to marry the princess:



I won’t ruin the rest of the story, on the off chance you’d like to view this gem for yourself. 😉


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