Goats in Trees Calendar: January

My husband and I have the best, most awesomest friends in the world.

Yesterday they became even more awesome! Why? Because they know me so well that they bought me a really great weird gift, which I now get to share with you!

Knowing how much of a kick I get out of odd things, they brought me a calendar. Ok, I know that doesn’t sound all that fantastic or odd — but wait! This is no ordinary calendar. It is a calendar which features photos of nothing but goats in trees.

You read that right. Goats. In trees.


I mean, I knew goats like to climb trees, but I just think the entire concept of dedicating a calendar to pictures of goats in trees is just awesome and hilarious and perfect. So, I think I will share each month’s tree-d goat as we progress through the year. Do try to contain your enthusiasm.

Here is January:


So, there ya have it. Goats in trees.


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