Traveling in Style.

I arrived at the car park this morning.

It was a standard arrival.

Just me, in my car. Nothing even made my drive in interesting, other than the fact that I was blasting 80’s music.

Then I saw it: The car of a brilliant mastermind, who clearly has the skill to arrive interestingly. To arrive stylishly.

While I am not a mustache fan, I am now considering the possibility of adding my own stylish additions to my car. Note that it is not even necessary to have a fancy car — which is great, because I can assure you that I do not have a fancy car, by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe I should glue a clown shoe to my car’s hood. Or, perhaps a hippo? Wait! I know: A hippo wearing clown shoes!!

Sigh. I am just not good at looking stylish. You know you’re never going to be on the A-list of awesome car decor when the best you can come up with is a hippo wearing circus attire.


9 thoughts on “Traveling in Style.

  1. Neil

    Well you’re plenty creative but I think that car might have run over Wyatt Earp and that mustache is all that’s left


  2. You could put a goatee and that little splotch of hair that some guys leave right under their bottom lip? Whatever that’s called. Your car would totally…ok, nevermind.


      1. Then get one if those visor hat things that golfers usually wear, but place it sideways and upside down on the hood. Epic.


    1. You’re right! I hadn’t noticed the resemblance until you mentioned it. I’m sure there must’ve been some sort of mystery. Especially because I saw Scooby not long before that. Mystery convention, perhaps?


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