Gnomes Like to Perform Roadside Surveillance

So here it is. The Harold blog I’ve been building up to for weeks.

Dear reader, I have managed (at great risk to my own safety) to capture evidence that the problem of Harold the Evil Gnome is more widespread than even I initially thought.

Please — I cannot stress this enough — we must stop underestimating the enemy. Harold is just the tip of the iceberg. We have seen in the past that he has operatives in places you don’t expect, as well as clever disguises. But this new discovery really outdoes everything else we have witnessed up to this point.

I have evidence that the Evil Gnome Collective are performing roadside surveillance. And this is not the sort of average garden gnome roadside surveillance you might expect. This is serious business.

See for yourself.


Can you see him all right? Not really? How about now:


My friends, we must pull together and fight back. You know we are in trouble when the Collective are not just performing surveillance on us — oh, no. They are sending their cutest child gnomes out to balance precariously, night and day, on an overpass which spans Interstate 64!

What kind of terrible creatures are we dealing with?

What is this all coming to?!

The little guy looks so pleased to be there, too. Absolutely chilling.



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