Things I Saw At the Gym

I’ve decided that the best way to keep myself motivated to continue going to the gym is to make blog posts regarding the interesting things I see there.

And so, I give you:
Things I Saw At the Gym.

Today I saw:
– A guy who looked like a really short version of OJ Simpson.
– A girl who ran and ran and ran on the treadmill (it really was impressive!). She then stopped the machine and it looked like she was done — but, no! She got back on and ran BACKWARDS! She kept it up for a good fifteen minutes or so. Wow!
– A guy who was wearing a black and orange shirt that was designed such that at first glance, it looked as though he had a detachable orange arse.

You really never know what you’ll see when you’re at a public place exercising!


6 thoughts on “Things I Saw At the Gym

  1. This is why I don’t go to the gym (besides the not being able to afford it part) because I wouldn’t want to be “an interesting thing at the gym.” I never know how to adjust the machines an I’m usually too shy to ask so I just end up looking like the biggest dork. :/


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