Antique Shop Horrors: 22 April 2014

If these masks were hung upon my wall, I’d have a nervous breakdown, thinking I was constantly being watched. I mean, sure — they’re very cultural and historically informative — but they are not what I would select to adorn the walls which are intended to keep the evil scary things out. Noooooo thank you. Besides, just look at the way the one is peeking out at us, as if we can’t see it. That can’t be a good sign.

And then there are these two fine monkeys wearing candle-holding sombreros. I don’t think they’ll grace my dinner party table any time soon.


6 thoughts on “Antique Shop Horrors: 22 April 2014

  1. I pretty much say no to masks if they’re going to already have eyes on them. Not sure what to say about the sombrero-wearing monkeys. Except, I think they’re overpriced.


  2. Sister Madly

    I use to receive masks similar to these in shipments for the ’boutique’ for which I was employed some time ago. The distant shrieks of horror and entreaties of clemency from the back room ensured my boss that I was, indeed, unpacking the latest cargo we had received.


    1. Hahaha. I can think of a few people I would love to mail these masks to. As a gift. Because I’m so nice. (And then stand outside and listen to their horrified reaction).


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