Food in “Quotation Marks”

I’ve just come to the realization that I will never try any recipe which contains quotation marks in the title.

For example, I just saw a recipe for “Fried” Pickles. I’m sorry, but writing “fried” translates in my head to “decidedly un-delicious”.

I’m all for trying to eat cleanly, but seriously, let’s put on our title-authoring creativity caps and ditch the quotation marks of doom. I don’t want “food”. I want FOOD!


8 thoughts on “Food in “Quotation Marks”

    1. Can you imagine if we used quotes so frivolously in other situations? People would think we were being sarcastic at the oddest of times.

      I just “flushed” the toilet.
      This is “delicious” dinner.
      I can’t wait to “go visit my parents”.


      1. Sometimes I’m not sure people think about this stuff before they post it for the whole world to see. Also, frying still has a bad rap because you use fat to fry in and most people are still under the impression that all fat is bad for you, when it’s not.


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