Wine Review: Liberty Creek Pinot Grigio

Last night I thought we would try a different variety of wine from what we ordinarily drink. Because I like to live on the edge and try new things …. erm, rather more accurately, because this wine was $4 cheaper per bottle than our standard go-to, and I am inherently cheap.

And so it happened: we tried Liberty Creek Pinot Grigio. Now, let me say that in the past we have had their Moscato, and it was not terrible, so I felt reasonably confident that we could tolerate the Pinot Grigio.

I have never. Been. More. Wrong!

This wine tasted like bad grape juice mixed with muskrat droppings and dirty socks. It was that bad.

It was so bad, in fact, that we poured the entire bottle down the sink. And that, so far as I am concerned, my friends, is substance abuse. You know a wine is markedly foul if I pour it out.

Conclusion: Spend the extra four bucks.


9 thoughts on “Wine Review: Liberty Creek Pinot Grigio

  1. Neil Richardson

    Not that I can remember. Then again I would have probably had toooooo much wine to remember at that point anyway


  2. Neil Richardson

    Maybe it was such a traumatic experience that I would have pushed the event into the deepest darkest spot in my subconscious


  3. I can’t remember having any wine so bad that I tipped it out. I do remember having a moscato once that I didn’t care for, but I forced myself to drink it just so as not to have wasted the money.


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