Antique Shop Horrors: 27 May 2014

You know, disturbing though many of the items are that I encounter at antique shops, I definitely enjoy seeking them out.

Sometimes, though — sometimes I get more than I bargained for.

Sometimes I get a more creepy surprise in my photo than I anticipate…

This is one of those times.


In this instance, I was attempting to get a good shot of just how creepy the girl doll’s teeth are. (There’s just something that bothers me about dolls’ teeth… I think it relates back to a film I saw as a child which was about dolls that bit people, which in turn transformed those people into more biting dolls…) While I was not particularly successful in the tooth photography department, I did get an interesting shot of the old man doll peering over the girl’s shoulder. I wonder who he is supposed to be? He surely looks to be of bad temper!

Hey! Hey, you! Get off my lawn! (Even though I don’t have a lawn!)


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