I work for an attorney in my spare time.

She is great. She is this little old lady from New York with a kick-ass attitude and a mind as sharp as they come.

Not to mention that she still uses the very first fax machine she ever got, way back when she first started her practice a gazillion years ago. Check it out:

Your fax machine’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great Gran.

It’s amazing. It takes roughly ten minutes to send one page. It makes that old funny clicky-printy sound that printers used to make way back in the time of the Commodore 64. The really impressive thing to me is that despite being slow, it WORKS. I have far fewer issues getting a fax to go through with this dinosaur than I have with our new-fangled, fancy-schmancy whippersnapper of a fax over at my other office.


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