Correction Tape Covetousness

At my job, I have a desk that is located in a central area.

Which makes sense, given that I am the receptionist (AKA “the person who saves everyone from tasks they don’t want or know how to do, phone calls they don’t want to take, and people they don’t want to see”).

I have a bit of a small problem, however. See, when I am not at my desk, someone keeps going into the drawer where I keep my supplies and stealing the correction tape!

The coveted correction tape. See how it emits wavy lines that weave a hypnotic trance upon any who dare walk past my desk? It is the Siren of the office, calling to the unwary…

I could handle them simply using it, because I am good at sharing (I learned well in pre-K). What I fail to understand is why steal it when there is an entire supply closet full of them for the taking?!

In an attempt to combat this problem, I’ve taken to sort of hiding it.

The hidden, coveted correction tape still emits its rays of hypnosis.

Fingers crossed that my hiding skills are stronger than the correction tape’s draw…


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