I’ve recently been following a blog written by an interesting fellow called Fly Trap Man. I’ve been enjoying his series in which he takes interesting photos of insects he finds around and encourages others to do the same.

While I don’t have any insect photos which I would call “interesting” (I’m usually too busy trying to find organic ways to keep them out of my garden to take photos of them!), I do have a few blurry photos I’ve taken through the screen of my upstairs window of a vixen and three kits who have a den in the tree-line behind my house.

Momma Vixen taking a break.

We have been enjoying watching the little ones grow, play, and learn. It appears that Momma Vixen has had two litters very close together, because there is one kit that is considerably larger than the other two — almost fully grown, in fact. The other two littles are still young enough that they spend a lot of time wrestling and pouncing on anything they can find, like little moths flying by.

One of the blurry photos of Littlest One bravely pouncing on an insect.

We will be leaving to go on vacation tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I’m pretty sure that Oldest One will be of enough age by the time we get home that Momma Vixen will likely have given him the boot to go out and make it on his own. I wonder how big the smaller ones will be by the time we get back?


Embarrassingly blurry photo of Oldest One having some breakfast. I wasn’t keen on running downstairs and outside to get a clearer shot only to disturb them…

It seems that we have an annual change of the interesting animals that show up here in the early summer; last year we had a white stag who was fond of grazing in the same spot where the foxes now reside. I hope he is still around — it would be a shame if he had been killed for being so beautiful and rare when there are so many other food-worthy average-looking deer about.

Maybe I’ll get lucky one of these days and be able to catch a photo of the barred owls and hawks that live in the same tree-line. Until then, my blurry photos of foxes will have to suffice. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Foxes

  1. I’m jealous! I never witnessed a fox swat at an insect. My guess? It was a long-legged fly–they deserve to be backhanded from time to time. I have never seen a white stag, but I happened to observe an albino squirrel years ago. Nobody likes those. Poor things.


  2. My parents have a fox family living in their yard. They’re using an old groundhog hole that was made at the side of their pool. I think last year the foxes made their first appearance and they’re back again this year. Nobody has tried taking any pictures, though.


    1. They’re so much fun to watch. I’ve always really enjoyed foxes. As I understand it, the females are fiercely territorial and will chase the youngsters away once they’ve come of age — but that once the mother is gone, often a vixen who was part of a litter raised in an area will go back to that same spot to raise her own young. So, not only do you have them back again this year but you may likely continue to see some of their descendants in the future.


      1. That’s what we’re thinking. When my parents first moved into their house 40 years ago, they would feed dog food to the foxes that showed up.

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