Vacation day 1

We are off in Arizona visiting my parents, and boy do they have a way of keeping us busy! They have an itinerary for our week that is a mile long and exhausting — but also a lot of fun. This is my husband’s first time visiting Arizona and my parents are very keen on showing him everything they can in the small amount of time we have available.

Today we visited the Dragoon Stagecoach Station ruins (historical info here. )Very nice day trip that is not your typical touristy crap. Admittedly, Cochise County always feels like home to me (I grew up in Bisbee), so perhaps I’m a wee bit biased in my enjoyment of excursions that take us out where there are more cactus than people.

Sure, to most folks this just looks like a photo of mostly brown vegetation and rocks — but to me it is home.

Part of the reason for locating the station here was its close proximity to water.

It’s always funny to me how life can just keep us away from the people and places we love. The last time I was able to visit here, The Wee Little Miss was just six years old, and The Book Worm was eleven. They are now eleven and seventeen, respectively.

More of me simply enjoying being surrounded by the desert mountains again…

The stagecoach station is literally nothing but ruins these days — I feel that is part of the site’s charm. You can walk inside unmolested by recreations and simply let your imagination fill in the gaps.

The ruins, from the back.

The fact that I’m able to see how each rock was placed to construct the building is really neat to me, because I’m odd that way.

The ruins, as seen from the front. Yes, I am aware that it looks essentially the same as the last photo. Just humor me here. 😉 Seen at a distance: my mum and the Wee Little Miss.

There are some confederate graves at the site, also. Well maintained for being out in the middle of nowhere!

The graves and the stagecoach station ruins in the background.

After we finished up out there, we cruised through the Amerind Museum which is a must see. No photos were permitted, though.

Next, we stopped for lunch at the wonderful Horseshoe Cafe in Benson. This is a favorite stop for my father and a grand time was had by all.

The elusive Wee Little Miss enjoying a soda, and a guest appearance of my husband’s arm.

My father, acting like a goof. And people wonder where I get it from.
We then continued back to Tucson to take a look at San Xavier Mission. Beautiful place. So peaceful. And so old! I was too busy to get photos. Sorry. I’m a failure as a blogger.

Finally, we stopped to look at some local petroglyphs a short ways away from my parents’ house.


The Book Worm poses.

And now that the day is over, we are all beat and ready to hit the hay. There’s another big day in store tomorrow, though, so get ready for more pictures. They’ll be quite different tomorrow than those I shared today…

10 thoughts on “Vacation day 1

  1. Neil

    Stage coach ruins, Native American museums, missions and petroglyphs rock. I should keep a better eye out for jumping cactus though. They are quite active. Day one was a mighty good time.


  2. No fair! I wish I could go frolic around in a desert! Boo hoo. Did you encounter any scorpions? I understand they like to hang out in a cozy shoe when given the chance. Beware! Forgive my ignorance, but what is a petroglyth?


    1. We haven’t seen any scorpions so far this time, but I promise to try to get a photo if we do. Petroglyphs are drawings done by Native Americans many years ago. I have more photos, but they’re on our “real” camera — I’m strictly on my phone at this point, but when we get home I’ll post some more petroglyph photos for you. It’s a very interesting collection of drawings there, and very clear. If you look carefully at the photo I’ve posted above, you’ll see a little scribble drawing of either a lizard or a person, I’m not sure which. 🙂 The Book Worm is standing in front of the hill where most if the drawings are located.


      1. Hmm, I wonder how old those petroglyphs are exactly? I wish we had artifacts like that here in New England. Or maybe we do, but I’m not educated enough on the topic to make that assertion with complete certainty.

        Your mission is to locate approximately one scorpion and successfully acquire a glamour shot! Get on it, solider!!!


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