Vacation Day 2

As you may know, we are in Arizona visiting my parents this week. As my husband has never been here before, my parents are giving him the “whirlwind tour” of the state. We are literally cramming as much into the week as anybody could humanly manage.

Today we traveled up to the White Mountains to show my husband just how different it is up here compared to where we were yesterday.

Our trip started out with the Wee Little Miss wearing her hat on her face.


If you’ve never had the opportunity to make the trip from Tucson up to HonDah, you’re missing out and I highly recommend going. The drive is beautiful…



I managed just a few snaps as we were driving.

One stop we made was at a marker noting where Kit Carson had guided a group to California. As a bit of my boring fascination with family history, I am rather closely related to Kit Carson, so that was an interesting bit to come across.

I wish the text was easier to read.

The pass.

It doesn’t seem all that impassable to me — but then again, I’m no mountain man, so what do I know?

A poorly focused photo of a thistle by the pass.

Growing up here, I always took this landscape completely for granted. I’ve not lived in Arizona since 1995, though, and now I definitely see how different it is from other places.

More outcroppings as we drove by.

Obviously water is a big deal out here. So when there is actual running water, it’s definitely photo-worthy!

Hey, look! Running water!

So, hey, how about that panorama function on cameras these days? Me being the dinosaur that I am, I never put mine to the test until today. I think the result was … interesting.

Hey, look! It’s a photo of my elusive husband! (It was an accident, dear, I promise.) (This time, anyway.)

Are you sick of my rock/hill/canyon photos yet?

Nearing Salt River Canyon.

Salt River Canyon.

More weird panorama-ing in the canyon.

Complete with more of my husband’s antics.

We made our way up to Fort Apache, which was kind of cool.

The Wee Little Miss displays a sign for us.

General Crook’s cabin was the main museum display. The rest of the buildings associated with Fort Apache are now used as a school and its various administrative offices.



Inside the General’s quarters.

And then, we were up in the pine forest!


I love seeing horses as we drive.

My parents have a permanent spot at an RV park up here, so we got to meet some of their friends.

Sadly, Hoover the pug was the only one interested in having his photo taken.

I did manage to catch The Wee Little Miss and The Bookworm being silly.


Tomorrow: fishing!


4 thoughts on “Vacation Day 2

  1. Neil

    Day 2 brought many beautiful sights. Whirlwind tour is a bit of an understatement though. We’ve been hitting many sights here with the speed if a tornado. I’m happy to give you many antics to photograph my love feel free to include me as often as you like. Hoover the pug is an awesome little guy.

    Liked by 1 person

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