Vacation Day 3

Today we got up bright and early to go fishing.

20140620-162743-59263015.jpgI love stream fishing.
Growing up, I always went trout fishing with my parents in a stream, which is very different from fishing in a lake.

20140620-162820-59300940.jpgThe Hubster’s first experience stream fishing.

Unfortunately, if the mountains don’t get a good amount of snowfall in the winter, it makes for a very dry rest of the year — and a very rough fishing summer.

20140620-163000-59400497.jpgMy mum and The Book Worm

The past few years’ lack of snowfall have made the streams very low and the water temperatures too warm for any sort of decent trout fishing…

20140620-163213-59533808.jpgMy dad and the Wee Little Miss making a last-ditch effort to catch something under the bridge.

Even though the trout were not interested in providing our dinner, we all still had fun.

20140620-163411-59651879.jpgThe grandparents and the youngsters headed back to the truck.

Isn’t it amazing the difference in the surroundings today, compared with those from yesterday?

20140620-164730-60450623.jpgA wild rose bush.

We literally went from desert, to high desert, to juniper forest, to ponderosa pine forest in a few hours worth of driving.

20140620-163700-59820322.jpgToday’s first catch: The Wee Little Miss with her “egg-shaped rock”.

We finally gave up on stream fishing and decided to go over to a small lake where we could try our luck.

20140620-164019-60019795.jpgSo calm!

There wasn’t a lot of luck to be had there, though. The Book Worm caught one tiny rainbow trout and The Wee Little Miss caught a crawdad.

20140620-164234-60154941.jpgThe Wee Little Miss attempts to catch fish.

When we finished up fishing, it was time to head back down the mountain again. We got to see a few critters on our way out…

20140620-164413-60253077.jpgWild turkeys, from way far away.

20140620-164511-60311172.jpgA horse that usually roams around on his own found some hay to snack on.

20140620-164558-60358227.jpgA chipmunk hopes for some leftovers.

Back down the mountain, and back to the desert again.

20140620-164955-60595364.jpgRoad cut into the mountain.

We went through the towns of Globe and Superior on our way out, which gave us a nice view of the Superstition Mountains as we went.

20140620-165044-60644689.jpgHills outside of Globe and Superior.

Weaver’s Needle is an interesting reference point when you’re in the vicinity of the Superstitions. They say it is a landmark to help those who are looking for the “Lost Dutchman’s Mine” get their bearings.

20140620-165258-60778892.jpgSee that little pointy peak in the distance, on the rightward side, that is shaped like a needle? Yup, you guessed it — that’s Weaver’s Needle.

And now we are back at the parental home base once again. I have no idea where we are off to tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Vacation Day 3

  1. Neil

    It was a great couple of days. We may have a reference point for the Dutchman’s lost mine but it’s too damn hot to go looking for it


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