Vacation Day 5

Today was flying day!

My dad is a pilot, and so he always likes to take the kiddos out for a flight when we are here.
Getting everybody situated in the plane is always an adventure.
My mum and I didn’t go, because the plane seats only four people, which is fine with me, because I got a chance to just sit for awhile!
The Book Worm and The Wee Little Miss are ready to go!

This was The Hubbster’s first flight in a small aircraft, and he seems to have had a great time.
And away they go…

On our way back to the homestead from the airport, we took a longer road through the Saguaro National Park, which was gorgeous as ever.

We even stopped for a short walk through.
The kiddos demonstrating how to sit on a rock.
20140622-101735-37055795.jpgThe Hubbster and I take a selfie.

We also stopped for a quick look around at one of my favorite spots to walk.
It’s so peaceful here.

I love that we can drive less than ten minutes out of town and feel completely isolated.
More peacefulness.

And now we are back at the homestead, with no other plans than to simply relax and be involved in small antics here and there — for example, I convinced the Wee Little Miss to try eating a scorpion lollipop that we purchased yesterday.
She was clearly not intimidated by my challenge. That really is a real scorpion in there. She didn’t eat it all the way down, though.

After all the running around we have done this week, the downtime is definitely nice. My mum is currently introducing the kiddos to “The Beverly Hillbillies” as Hubbster naps.

I wonder what the plan is for tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “Vacation Day 5

  1. My kids would not even touch a scorpion lollipop, let alone get it near their mouths. My oldest, in fact, would probably start dry heaving at he suggestion. Honestly, I would, too. 🙂


  2. Yeah buddy. I’m gonna have to add learn to fly on my bucket list. What a view and lots if fun. I can’t believe that she came close to chomping down in that bug…. Yuck


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