Vacation Out-takes

We are on our way home today, so I thought it might be fun to share some of the sillier moments we had while we’ve been visiting Arizona.

On the way: The Wee Little Miss is hangry (hungry and angry as a result), so we had to find food FAST before she started to spin her head in an anatomically impossible fashion styled after The Exorcist.

I got a few funny photos of the Hubbster photographing touristy stuff. He is as bad as me on the east coast photographing things like clouds and leaves!

Here, we have just arrived at the Tucson airport and he is photographing cactus.

Here, he is photographing rocks.

Each time I would like to take a photo of the kiddos, I must always point out to them that they need to “act like people”, because as soon as either of them sees the camera come out, they make weird squirrel faces. Fortunately, I think I’ve sifted out most of the squirrel-face pics, but I don’t think I’ll ever manage the same feat when it comes to their silly antics — not that I would ever want to edit those out. Here is an antic from our excursion to Dragoon.


The kiddos attempt to be the Vannah Whites of the Wild West.

On our trip, we spent a lot of time driving. While most of the time the scenery was interesting to keep us all occupied, there were times when it got a little bit boring. I’ve discovered that the best way to combat boring driving time is to take weird photos using the panorama feature on my camera…


Mum looks like a strange hand puppet with a nose made of putty, while The Book Worm is on his way to making his patented squirrel face.

Here, half of Mum’s head has disappeared, and I don’t even know how to explain what is going on with either The Book Worm’s head or The Wee Little Miss’ head!

Mum looking like she may have had several drinks, The Book Worm appearing to have had his face erased, and The Wee Little Miss possibly entering another dimension.

It’s a teeny, tiny truck, thanks to messed up pano-vision!

But wait, messed up pano-vision also has the ability to ridiculously elongate tiny cars for your entertainment.

Other various shenanigans…

Before I dared The Wee Little Miss to actually purchase and eat a scorpion lolly, she was mucking about in a gift shop pretending to eat one, anyway.

Mum and The Wee Little Miss enjoy the fan. It was very warm outside!

The Wee Little Miss demonstrates that the vault door in the Tombstone Courthouse Museum is quite heavy.

Here, The Wee Little Miss imitates the film advert hanging on the wall behind her.

I did not intend to take a picture of the sore older gentleman, but it worked out well!

Political opinions aside, I never would have thought that it was possible to make an image of Hillary that was less flattering than the real deal. I was wrong!


I don’t recall if I posted this one yesterday, so here it is just in case. The Wee Little Miss does a jig on top of a rock.

My dad is proud of his habit of improving salsa by adding a MOUNTAIN of crushed red pepper.

And finally, The Wee Little Miss makes known how she feels about wearing a ballcap sideways.

Going back home at the end of a visit always feels so odd. It’ll be a relief to sleep in my own bed, but at the same time I’ll miss my parents terribly. It only took a few minutes for the desert to feel like home again. Thanks for a great trip, Mum and Dad. You guys were more than generous and we had a wonderful time!

7 thoughts on “Vacation Out-takes

  1. It was a fun trip with lots of funny stuff and beautiful scenery. I would like to thank my inlaws for wonderful trip and their hospitality and generosity. Thank you so very much for a wonderful time.


  2. The distortion caused by the panoramic option on your camera is boggling my brain. My guess as to what could cause such technological sorcery is the subject moving between frames. As a result, your camera is probably unable to properly stitch the frames together into a coherent exposure. Of course, this is just my hypothesis: feel free to say I’m wrong!

    By the way: do you realize you successfully obtained an exposure of a scorpion? Mission complete!!!


      1. Back in the ancient 1990’s — my Father gave me a sugary concoction much like the one displayed in your photograph. He delivered these fine words of wisdom:

        “Son — you’ll never be a man unless you eat the scorpion.”

        Needless to say… I never ate it.


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