Home Sweet Home — With Chickens!

We are back home again. What a huge relief to not sleep in the airport!

You’d think we would take some time to just sort of try to get back into the swing of things, wouldn’t you? But — no. Not us. Carpe diem and all that.

Several months ago, I ordered some chicks through an outfit called My Pet Chicken. I ordered from them because they didn’t require a minim order of chicks — I only wanted a total of six — three Easter eggers and three Australorps, and most places required a lot more than that. At the time it seemed logical to have them arrive the week we got back from our trip. I clearly wasn’t counting on being so tired and sleeping in the airport. Not that it was that big of a deal, but still, in hindsight I would’ve delayed them a week… Anyway, we lucked out that with our being gone an extra day that the little guys didn’t arrive before we returned home. The Wee Little Miss and I prepared the brooder for use before we left on vacation so the little ones wouldn’t be caught homeless.

I got the call this morning that they’d arrived at our post office and were awaiting pickup! Yayyy! (Yes, chickens really do get shipped in the mail. They send them express over night the day after they hatch.)

Parcel received, peeping up a storm, attracting considerable notice from other Post Office patrons.

I think they were cold in the post office, because once I put their box into my warm car, the noise settled down considerably.

Got them home to be welcomed by The Hubbster and the Wee Little Miss, who was beside herself with excitement.

Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!

They all arrived fine and healthy!

Could they be any cuter?! The correct answer is: no, they could not be any cuter.

It’s always so interesting how certain personality traits make themselves known right away both in animals and humans. These chicks are no different! Some are shy, some immediately ran into my hand for cuddles, and others are just more interested in playing with my jewelry.

The first one to stand out was little Amelia — named after Amelia Earhart because she seems to be the bravest about wanting to fly and just GOES FOR IT with no obvious goal, whilst all the others are busy simply trying to learn to walk better!

Meet Amelia the Fearless.

The next one is Pepper, so named because she seems to be the “spiciest” one — kind of an in-your-face personality.

Pepper shows off her pizzazz.

Penelope has stripes that resemble a skunk’s, so we named her after the cat that Pepe Le Pew was always chasing after.

Penelope, during a calm moment when she was not being pursued by Pepe Le Pew.

Here we can more clearly see her skunk-like markings.

Nugget’s name came about simply because she looked like a little nugget!

Nugget is so sweet.

They are all comfy in their brooder, and seem to be toasty and comfy without even needing the heat lamp just yet.


So that’s our story today — never a full moment. Two chicks left to name…


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