Drink Experiment

I’m not a big fan of Jägermeister. To me, it tastes like German licorice cough syrup. But a generous friend gave us this:

The gift.

So, in an attempt to come up with a way for me to actually like it, I decided to do an experiment: Coke and Jägermeister Spice. Can I just say this was a BRILLIANT idea? It tastes just like root beer.



6 thoughts on “Drink Experiment

    1. Yeah, most of the people I know who discuss it are (cough) a great deal younger than I am. I’ve only had it once or twice before now and was decidedly UNimpressed, so coming up with something I genuinely enjoyed is a big deal!


      1. Really? She’s my age, which would make her older than you. But, as I’m finding more and more, people I knew from high school are still kind of stuck there.


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