My Battery is a Traitor

I’ve just spent the better part of the day trying to get some of the badly needed yard work done.

Today’s job: weed whacking.

I have a nice little trimmer; it’s one of those that has a battery which is interchangeable with a drill, or other cordless tools. It has but one downfall… The battery I have is probably close to ten years old, and so doesn’t hold enough charge for me to get much done at one time around the yard. Sure, I should go get a new battery. But at about $60 a pop, I’ve not been in much of a hurry to do that. The price for a new battery today is just shy of what I bought the trimmer and TWO batteries for a million years ago.

Instead, I just get done what I can before the battery gives up the ghost, charge it again as I do other stuff, and come back to the unfinished trimming.

Today, though, was not the normal get-some-done-and-wait-to-charge-again situation. Immediately when I began trimming, zero progress was made. The battery which has served me so long finally decided it is time to side with the weeds.

It was no longer interested in trimming anything — at best, it had enough juice to simply high-five all the weeds for growing so strong. I could swear I even heard it cheering them on, “Woohoo! Go weeds! You’re doing great!”

Traitor! Now I will be overrun by weeds which have been encouraged by a villainous trimmer battery!


6 thoughts on “My Battery is a Traitor

  1. Or, get some scissors and harvest the weeds. That’s what I do. I don’t know what kinds of weeds grow in Virginia, but most of them have awesome medicinal properties. Dandelion, clover, plantain, dock, mullein, thistle, golden rod…they’re all good!


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