Not Quite An Antique Shop Horror…

… But a horror nonetheless.

I was doing a bit of browsing earlier when I came across this:

Is that your creepy doll face on your dress, or are you happy to see me?

I’m fairly certain I’ve made my feelings on dolls well known. So when I saw this atrocity, naturally I had to share.

Imagine it: the designer is sitting in his fancy studio dreaming up his next masterpiece. “How can I make a woman feel closer to her childhood with my clothing?” And suddenly it hit home in his mind — how much he missed his two most favorite childhood possessions: Blankie and Creepy Doll. “Eureka! I must make a dress out of an old duvet and emblazon the image of my much loved Creepy Doll across its breast. Surely this will be the next biggest trend in fashion.”

My eyes are up here, buddy.


13 thoughts on “Not Quite An Antique Shop Horror…

  1. Funny, I don’t think this trend made it across the border. Perhaps it was stopped at Customs? I keep thinking it’s something a super hero would wear for formal occasions (sp). A female super hero, that it … not a good one … perhaps actually an evil super-powered individual. Yep, that’s it. A villain. And powder blue has to be one of the worst colours on the planet.


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