Antique Shop Horrors: 14 August 2014

Despite being a person who appreciates art for its own sake, occasionally I find myself looking at a piece of artwork and thinking, “Why?!”.

I know we all have our own reasons for creating what we create. Perhaps more accurately, my real question is this:

Why on Earth would someone create a piece of art that looks like this and then expect people to pay money to have it in their homes?!


Weird looking sun guy thing.

This, to me, is a horror. I can see someone purchasing it with the intent of maneuvering it to the foot of their most hated enemy’s bed, so as to terrify him with its horror.

Look at that face. The squinty eyes. The weird color. That smug grin on his face. He looks like he’s thinking about how smart he is and how easy it will be to launch his plan to take over the world with his army of Weird Looking Sun Guy Things.

What the heck?


9 thoughts on “Antique Shop Horrors: 14 August 2014

  1. I think the question is: how old was the person who made this thing? If it was your three year old, you might worry a bit, but would not be overwhelmingly concerned …

    It’s all downhill from there.

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