An exciting day at the office

That’s a slightly sarcastic title.

Recently I’ve had my hours bumped up to full-time at work from my regular half-time.

I’ve got to say, my wallet is loving it. But at the same time, I only have the amount of work I would normally have to do… with double the time to do it. You might think that is a good thing, but for someone like me who is all about efficiency, I assure you, this is not good! I am usually out of work to do after having been in the office for a half hour.

Some of the things I’ve been doing to pass the time (and still look busy):

Read websites about etymology.

Stare at the pictures on the wall that are slightly askew.

Draw various doodles:


Play with the translation button in Microsoft Word. Did you know that the word for mucus in Swedish is slem? Say it with me — slem. Ok, so yes I am a nerd, but… admit it, you know that’s a fun discovery.

Drank a lot of water.

Ate some cashews, which I cleverly hid in a lidded coffee cup.

Made a template for a bogus business card, then deleted it.

And it’s only 12:42…


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