Yet Another Weird Spider

Ok, with that title you can tell that I will be posting photos of a spider here, right? I did warn you! šŸ™‚

In the midst of our coop construction endeavor, I came across a spider I’ve never seen before. After some research, I found out it is an Arrow-shaped Micrathena Spider – (Micrathena sagitatta).

Check it out!

Spiny butt!

I wonder if she has a complex about her posterior?

Another angle.


7 thoughts on “Yet Another Weird Spider

  1. I can not make myself like this post. I’m assuming it’s not poisonous, even if it does look like it would happily eat someone’s face off…


  2. I never had the pleasure of discovering an arrow-shaped arachnid! I’ve been on the look out allllllll summer (since I read about them about a year ago). Yes — I’m extremely jealous!

    Posterior complex? Nah — just a little junk in her truck is all. Arachnids are into that sort of thing.


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