Rapidan River wine: Sweet Red Reserve and Sweet Reserve White Wines

I’m a sucker for a sale.

You’d think I would learn when it comes to wine. But, no — I walk past bottles marked at 75% off and just have to try. Obviously the fact that nobody else bought them is not a hindrance for me.

Tonight we tried these two discounted wines:

Rapidan River – Sweet Red and Sweet White

The Sweet Red was ok at first. Slightly oaky. Quite sweet. Pretty fruity. But this is one of those few wines I’ve encountered that have the ability to taste worse the more you have of it.

Glass one: hey, not bad! Glass two: sorta ok… Glass three: why am I drinking a glass full of sweetened wood chips?!

So I’m not sure how to rate it. On a scale of 1-10, the first glass was about a 7. The last glass was a 3.

Rapidan River’s Sweet White I admit to looking forward to. I really had convinced myself that this was the ultimate bargain in wine drinking.


This wine is what I can only describe as flat-tasting. I’ve never had wine that was flavorless. It tasted alcoholic, but just not with any sort of wine flavor. It was just plain odd. My tongue was well and truly confused by the whole experience.

On a scale from 1-10 I’d give it a 2.

Today’s lesson: Stop buying the bottles of wine that nobody else wants, Erin!


9 thoughts on “Rapidan River wine: Sweet Red Reserve and Sweet Reserve White Wines

  1. The last time I drank wine it gave me a stomach ache. No fun. Or maybe it was the fact that I didn’t feel like being in Florida? Wait…Yeah: it was Florida. The wine was still pretty nasty.


  2. I try to stay away from sweet wines these days because they always tend to lead to disappointment. And sometimes like you licked the bottom of someone’s feet *barf*


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