Yet More on the Coop (Are you sick of my coop yet?)

Are you sick of my coop yet? I know I am!

Today we put the last finishing touches on the chicken coop to make it functional.

Functional, yet still a work in progress.

The plan is that in two weeks we will begin the process of putting up vinyl siding, trim, and shingles. Until then, I am just happy to be out of construction mode… and happy to reclaim our lives from this project!

They seem to be quite happy in there.

Also: We have one chicken who seems to be under the impression that she is a parrot. Given any opportunity, she will do whatever it takes to perch upon a shoulder!

Colleen and The Wee Little Miss.



8 thoughts on “Yet More on the Coop (Are you sick of my coop yet?)

  1. Did you coyote proof your chicken coop? From what I understand, coyotes love them some chickens. I think foxes chow down on fowl, too. Then again, my chicken coop knowledge is limited to what Loony Tunes told me 25 years ago.


    1. Oh, no worries — we have definitely everything proofed out coop. From ensuring that we have good latches, to there not being any openings that can be burrowed into, to burying hardware cloth 12 inches below the surface under the floor. If something gets in there, we will work around that and learn from the experience… but given our research, I think we have done everything we can do. Fingers crossed! The hens are afraid to roost in their new digs at the moment, however; new space and all that. I’ve read they’ll get it figured out but gosh it’s hard hearing them cry because they want their old brooder because it is familiar!


      1. The only piece of defense you are missing is a moat! I was going to ask if your chicken castle is impervious to red-tail hawks, but then I realized it has a roof. Hawks hate roofs.


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