Massive DIY Project Done — Now What?

You may have heard me going on and on and on and on about building a chicken coop. You may have also picked up on me being glad that the coop is functional so we can get back to normal.

The trouble with thinking about getting “back to normal” is that it never really happens. What is normal, anyway? That twelve seconds that happens in between projects, mini-crises, and the rest of life?

I don’t thrive on normal. I thrive on moving from one project to the next.

Soooo… I’ve begun planning our next project. And I’ve got a brilliant hairbrained idea for it, too.

I want to raise some meat rabbits.

Hear me out, hear me out! I know I’m a little crazy. But I have a genuine reason for wanting to raise meat rabbits.

You see, going to the grocery store to purchase meat really bothers me. I mean really, really bothers me. I don’t like commercial farming practices, I don’t like how they treat the animals that are supposed to be nourishment for my family. It really bothers me. Have I mentioned that?

So my thinking and research point to this conclusion: I know we have the space and ability to raise meat rabbits. If we raise meat rabbits on our own, treating them properly and with respect, I will not feel badly eating it. And I will not be pouring our hard earned grocery budget into supporting an industry that upsets me so. And with the money we are able to save, we should then be able to afford other meats which have been raised properly and treated with the same amount of respect with which we have raised our rabbits.

And I like that thought.

Discussions with The Hubbster and The Wee Little Miss have revealed that they are on board with my craziness. (I’m so lucky they put up with my hairbrained ideas!)

So! Next project forthcoming so that I may continue pretending to be a farmer will be rabbits.


7 thoughts on “Massive DIY Project Done — Now What?

  1. Have I mentioned I’m jealous? I’ve been trying to convince Mark for months that we need to raise meat rabbits. I’ve heard three does and a buck are the best way to start.


  2. I’m sorry … I can’t eat rabbit meat. I just can’t do it.

    We had it once when I was a child. I liked it. Mom told me it was prairie chicken.

    Then the truth came out. I haven’t had it since.


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