Great find at work today

Today at work, I was taking inventory of our various promotional materials.

In amongst the run-of-the-mill logo bags, mugs, and magnets I came across a gold mine of entertainment!

Allow me to introduce to you Biodot Skin Thermometers.


These little sticky dots are basically mood rings that stick to your skin. They’re supposed to tell you when you’re stressed (because clearly, we can’t tell our own stress levels without the assistance of a little dot).

The color chart.

I have to say these things are a lot of fun, but certainly not accurate. According to the dot, I am fluctuating quickly between unsettled and tense, with the occasional spike into the realm of “normal”. In reality, I am just cold!

Stressed? No, I’m just cold!

Further testing on other coworkers has proven that I am the coldest person in the office.

The thing I found to be the most entertaining was the info about the inventor of the Biodot:

Is that not the cutest pirate inventor you ever did see?

If you would like to know your own stress level, ordering information is there with the inventor’s information. Have fun! I know I did.


9 thoughts on “Great find at work today

  1. Really? At first I thought it was supposed to be an actual, you know, thermometer. Seems kind of useless. But, yeah, geriatric pirate!


  2. Oh my —— my assistant clinical director had the audacity to do a training for therapists on these bio dots things a few weeks ago at work. Just imagine she calls creative arts therapies (especially art therapy) foo foo what a dweeb she is. All I can do is laugh about the ignorance lol.


    1. That’s bloody ridiculous. A mood ring is supposed to be more reliable than a creative arts therapy? Good grief. JUST LOOK AT THE CUTE PIRATE INVENTOR, FOR PITY’S SAKE.


  3. You have skillfully woven together an impressive blog entry. First the hook regarding the dots … and the information about how they work … but then the icing on the cake is the write-up about the inventor and his photograph. I wonder what the rest of the family looks like? Shiver me timbers …

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