You may guess from the title that we went fishing today.

The Bookworm looks about as enthused as any seventeen-year-old looks when his mum woke him up at 0530 on a Sunday.

Our first plan was to just fish from the pier.

The Wee Little Miss tries her hand at catching something.

The pier, however, was just not a good place to be, and the kids quickly became rather bored.

The Bookworm tries to not look too bored, but fails miserably.

So, we decided to take a boat. That decision spiced things up a lot!

The Hubbster loves a boat, any day.

The Bookworm looks more enthused than he did on the pier.

The Wee Little Miss enjoys some Haribo and is clearly very excited to be on the boat.

The fishing was still AWFUL, though! We tried various lures, baits, worms, minnows, and finally, the Wee Little Miss decided to take drastic measures.

Perhaps bass like lemon flavored gummies?

Needless to say, her idea didn’t quite work.

The Bookworm is just puzzled by the concept of gummy bear bait, but that doesn’t dampen the Wee Little Miss’ spirits!

The funniest thing is that out of the whole day of fishing, The Bookworm caught the best thing in our first half hour at the lake…

The Bookworm shows off his trophy: a maple leaf.


14 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. I remember back in the ancient 90’s, my friends and I had a great time harassing sun fish (not the ocean variety). No one ever respects the sunny. Lily pads were my greatest catch. No, I didn’t release them.


      1. It’s your birthday?! I guess I better add it to my calendar since you’re not on Facebook anymore. 😦

        Happy Birthday! *hugs*


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