My Thoughts on Snapchat (OR – I’m Too Old for This Crap)

I’ve been seeing a lot of things for some time about Snapchat.

I even downloaded the app once, thinking surely I must have been missing something and there has to be more to this trend than meets the eye.

Please understand that I am probably missing something hugely entertaining and obvious!

(Actually I HOPE I am missing something hugely entertaining and obvious — otherwise it means there is something hugely wrong with our world.)

That said, here is what I’ve gleaned:

Snapchat is a service which lets you take pictures and send them with captions to people.

Wait. Isn’t that just what sending a text message with a picture is? There is even a little camera thingy right there in the text thing of my phone which allows me to either attach a photo or video I’ve already taken, OR take a new photo or video just for the occasion.

This is really all there is to see or say about it. WHAT AM I MISSING?

If Snapchat has successfully marketed an app that is just sending pictures and text, they really could sell napkins to people who live in a warehouse full of napkins. And spend their lives making napkins, while clothed in napkin clothes and swaddled in napkins blankets.

/end rant


14 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Snapchat (OR – I’m Too Old for This Crap)

  1. Hmm I don’t really know anything about the app but it sounds like it did what a lot of other apps have done. The same thing that an app that came on your phone does but with a different looking appearance.

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  2. Instead of coloring my hair, having chemicals peel my wrinkles off, and listening to the same music my teenagers like, I guess my “trying-to-stay-young” thing is trying to keep up with technology. Or something.

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  3. Oh, wait! I have used the app What’s App with someone who was travelling to different countries. It’s like texting, but it allows a traveller to use Wi-Fi to send and receive texts, no matter where they are. So I’m a little bit advanced in my communication skills … I guess.


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