General Update (or Why I Don’t Post As Much As Usual)

Well hello!

Things round our parts have been rather hectic lately. So, if my random posts about amusing crap have slowed a bit — don’t worry! I will be back. But life has, well, sort of happened here and I am working to keep up with it.

Like what? Well, my husband was laid off from his job recently. Which, believe it or not, could turn out for the better, so that he can actually get his own business off the ground. But in the meantime, it means I’m taking my spare time and working a second job — which could easily turn into my primary job.

Never fear, I will always have ridiculousness to discuss. Things like the fact that the Wee Little Miss loves fishing whilst wading in the York River.

(Wee Little Miss, fishing and wading.)

But what’s that? She also got the opportunity to learn why we don’t wade in rivers at random, plus as a bonus she learned what a cottonmouth looks like.

I guess he wanted some dinner too!

Or things like the weird vrap I find round about:

My new mission in life is to googley-eye everything possible.

Anyway. More to come, maybe just not as often as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “General Update (or Why I Don’t Post As Much As Usual)

  1. Hey I enjoyed wading in the York River too. Life certainly has happened T a blinding pace around here. Gotta love a baby with googley-eyes. Every thing looks awesome with googley-eyes


  2. When I was a kid, a snake got in our pool. I don’t remember what kind it was, just that the neighbor boys came over and crushed it’s head with a rock while my friends and I screamed like stereotypical girls. Fun times…


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