Harold Wants to be a Photographer

It’s been a great weekend! We attended shenanigans in Colonial Williamsburg, had great food, spent time with old friends and made some new friends while we were at it.

It’s been so long since Harold the Evil Gnome bothered me, I had sort of gotten lulled into thinking maybe he had found another, more interesting target.

But, no. You see, this evening I sat down to go through the various photos I had taken over the course of the weekend’s shenanigans. Instead of a vast array of images of my friends, The Hubbster, and I having a grand time, I instead discovered photos which make no sense and were clearly the work of Harold!

See for yourself.

Harold’s sneaky little palm.

A nibbled upon bit of broccoli.

And if taking one photo of broccoli wasn’t enough, he had to take another:

Broccoli, again.

Harold even took a selfie!

Evidence that Harold attended the shenanigans!

More weird food photos:

Cookies? With cheese?

All I know is, a new phone passcode is in order so he doesn’t manage the same pranks again.

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