Amazing (Toupee) Stories

Recently, we have gotten The Wee Little Miss interested in watching a show called “Amazing Stories”.


I’ve been very pleased that she’s enjoying it, because it is one of my favorite all time shows from when I was a kid. Sure, they’re cheesy, but they’re fun and family-friendly tales.

Tonight’s episode made us all laugh so hard. Take a gander at the description:

“Hell toupee”.

This is seriously a story about a toupee that gets on men’s heads and takes over their bodies, causing them to have the urge to kill all lawyers who advertise that they have reasonable rates.

The best bit was toward the end:

Quick! It’s getting away!

IMG_3234.JPGI do believe he may have captured it…

Success! A caged, live, killer toupee, in police custody…

But, wait — what’s this? A bald police officer? Oh, noes…

Maybe just a little try won’t hurt.

Fits nicely…

It frames my facial features so very nicely!

But, then…!

Suddenly the reasonably priced lawyers begin vanishing agin.

What a great program.


12 thoughts on “Amazing (Toupee) Stories

  1. I never heard of Amazing Stories, but the idea of a killer toupee is certainly admirable. Is it like Tales from the Crypt? Or is it more comedy oriented?


    1. It’s kind of a mixed bag. More like The Twilight Zone toned down. A lot of them are funny, but they are always weird along the same lines as The Twilight Zone.


      1. I use to watch The Twilight Zone as well. I remember one particular episode with William Shatner — The Nick of Time. I don’t know if it’s as well known as NIghtmare at 20,000 Feet.


  2. 1. That cop at the end looks like Garth Brooks after he puts the toupee on.
    2. There are some lawyers who advertise here and one of them, I swear, looks like he is wearing a three stories wig. If I can find a photo, I’ll post it somewhere and let you know.


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