It’s Not Tinsel

We get tinsel every year for our tree.

But! Dear reader, did you know it is not being called tinsel this year? No!

It is now called “Twinkle Trim”.

Not tinsel.

Whatever it is, the kids always enjoy throwing it at the tree in massive, ugly globs which cling to the tree like an army of deranged, sparkly tribbles.

I always “enjoy” picking the bits of tinsel up off of the floor and trying in vain to (secretly) evenly spread the tinsel-globs out amongst the tree branches. I also “enjoy” trying to keep the dog from eating it — and when I’m unsuccessful at preventing her from snacking on it, I get to “enjoy” her sparkly poop later.


7 thoughts on “It’s Not Tinsel

  1. Don’t ya just love a dogs sparkle poo. Every dog I have ever had has enjoyed eating the tinsel stuff. A shiny x-mad tree is nice to see, and the dog seems to like it too.


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