Dolls Become Creepier With No Teeth

So many times in the past, I have seen a creepy doll and thought to myself, “Gosh, that is one creepy doll. I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as disturbing without those teeth, though.”

Can I just take a moment to say how very wrong I was for thinking that?

We were perusing the local Trading Post when I came to the conclusion that a doll with no teeth is far creepier than a doll with teeth.

What do you think?


She is going to slowly gum you to death and then she will slowly suck your soul through a straw.



6 thoughts on “Dolls Become Creepier With No Teeth

  1. Ehhhh, I don’t know — all dolls have an inherent creep factor, but I think a doll (with teeth) is far more mentally abrasive. I can’t imagine Chucky being more disturbing if he lacked teeth. In fact — he would probably have a lisp! We all know how frightening that is!

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