If you’ve been with my blog for any amount of time, you probably know two things about me:

1) I like to laugh at odd things, and
2) I like to pretend I am a farmer.

Today, all of the pretending to be a farmer paid off! We got our first egg.

Our very first (blue!) egg!

Because of its color, we can narrow down who laid the egg to being one of our three Americaunas. One of those we think may be a rooster — still not 100% sure on that, but he’s looking more and more rooster-like every day, so I really doubt it was him (her?). The Wee Little Miss feels it was most likely Colleen, as she was behaving very strangely yesterday.

Colleen is the chicken on the right.

The thing that we knew to expect was a vibrantly yellow egg yolk, but we were not expecting it to be this vibrant…

The photo doesn’t do it justice, I promise.

And it tasted even better than we could have hoped. The Wee Little Miss was mightily shocked, because there was such a flavor difference.

Math lesson and a neon yellow egg.

Also, the rabbits are going to be of an age to breed within the next week or so!

Maybe I’m sort of getting closer to being a real farmer, if you squint.


16 thoughts on “Egg!

    1. Thanks! The Wee Little Miss has often expressed a dislike of the smell of eggs, but this one didn’t seem to bother her. I guess the excitement overrides the smell! 😉


  1. Yay! We’re hoping our town will eventually allow backyard chickens. There’s been a petition circulating for a while now so keep your fingers crossed for us!

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