What a REALLY Weird Day!

Today I had the weirdest day ever.

Everything was going swimmingly until around 1100 at work, when I was “chosen” to stuff and mail 900 (yes that’s nine hundred) envelopes.

Then the person who delivered the envelopes to me proceeded… brace yourselves… to INSTRUCT me on how to fold a flippin piece of paper and put it in an envelope. OH, and out of courtesy, she even provided me with an example. No kidding.

Because, clearly, stuffing envelopes is too difficult a task to figure out on one’s own…

So, I spent the next several hours envelope stuffing.

Relieved to get home from work, I came home and started dinner. The Hubbster came in not long after me and went out to check on the animals, only to discover…

One of our rabbits was missing! The Hunbbster discovered that one of the hutches was open and that one of the rabbits was missing. Say what? It was shut up tight this morning when I went out there. I don’t know what happened. What I know is that our second doe was about to hop out when he went out there.

It was dark by this time, and we were out there searching by flashlight to find our rabbit. Frankly, I thought it was in vain, and that she was well and truly gone.

I had put the dog out and began searching out back whilst The Hubbster searched out front in the off chance she might have been out there. Then, suddenly, I heard our dog doing some kind of whimper-bark out back! She only does that when she has found something she finds puzzling. The whimper-bark was quickly followed by an odd screaming sound — the rabbit!

After a bit of strange hide-and -seek/chase, the bunny was out successfully back into her home.

Yay! I have the best dog ever; things that squeak confuse and alarm her, so when the rabbit squeaked, it worried her and she herded the rabbit back toward home. Aww!

Tuckered out and cured up on the couch after her big find.

So yeah. It’s been an odd day. I’m glad it’s over. No more weirdness, please and thank you.


11 thoughts on “What a REALLY Weird Day!

  1. Geeze Louise! I can’t imagine anyone thinking you’d need to be shown an example on how to fold drugging envelopes. They must not know you very well. However, I can imagine they may have had to show someone in the past. Which is scary. And yet no longer surprising.

    So glad Amber found the escaped rabbit. I wonder what happened? Better keep an eye on Houdini-bunny.

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  2. When I was a postman, I had a colleague who would ‘instruct’ me how to hold letters with my fingers when sorting mail. I wouldn’t mind, I had been there about four years at that point. Whenever he passed, I would hold them in a different way just to freak him out a little.

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    1. Oh, they are definitely not calm! But when rabbits get scared, one of their defenses is to stay very still, and I think that is what was going on in this case. Thankfully!


  3. I think it is Harold. Not that I want to alarm you, but opening the rabbit house sounds like something he would do. He probably tempted the poor bunny with thoughts of carrots …

    As for learning how to fold paper … well, now you can put it on your resume. You’ve taken a course in it and everything.

    One of my most favourite things to do at work was stuffing the thousands of envelopes for our twice yearly newsletter. Had to fold them “just right”, put the mailing labels on the envelopes and then seal them. It was so totally mindless that I loved it. Guess that says something about me!

    Happy New Year, Erin. To you and your family!

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    1. I think you’re right, it MUST be Harold! How did I not make that connection?!

      Mindless work is nice for a break, but I don’t think I would want to do it often!

      And you have a womderful new year as well, my friend. Here’s to bringing in a much less stressful 2015!


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