Origami-ing in the New Year

A friend gave me an origami-a-day desk calendar for Christmas.

I figure that means I should show you some of my efforts.

Today’s goal: to make Jack’s Bird:

Jack’s Bird. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?…



My poor bird looks more like it’s got a bad hangover.


7 thoughts on “Origami-ing in the New Year

  1. delectablepet

    Oh my. I would be totally lost in trying to do anything like that. It reminds me of tests that we used to take, where we had to number diagrams in order, to make a box. My guidance councillor looked at me with great pity and told me to never get a job in a box factory.

    I think your effort is great!

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  2. I guess your bird had a little too much cheer while ringing in the new year. My boys had a book with a bunch of paper airplanes that you were supposed to be able to rip out and fold up kind of like that. The results were pathetic. Too bad it never occurred to me to take pictures of them.

    And Happy New Year!

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