The Things You Learn.

When you just pretend to be a farmer like I do, you spend a lot of time reading and learning things from books.

Then you try to put the things you learned in books to use.

Then you learn more stuff that wasn’t included in the books.

Today, for example, we all got quite a lesson on mating rabbits.

We followed all of the instructions from the books and everything was going as expected — Tim was chasing Ethel around a lot. Being everybody’s first time, that’s definitely what we expected.

But then Tim got confused as to which end he should mate with. That went on for a little while and then it was back to chasing again. This was not something we read about at all, but I guess it makes sense if the poor rabbit doesn’t know what is going on.

Then things got more interesting… and definitely was not included in anything we had read about in our books. Tim was finally successful — but he started screaming like he was being attacked. He seriously sat there screaming the whole time. It took like thirty seconds.

So, if there happens to be someone out there reading this who writes informational articles or books for us people out there pretending to be farmers… next time, please include information about male rabbits who scream throughout mating.

It will save everybody a lot of confusion.

Remember how we had gotten out chickens sexed before they arrived? And then Penelope was really big and started developing what looked like saddle feathers, and behaving more rooster-like. So we started calling Penelope Peter, instead. Well….. Peter laid an egg today. So she’s back to being called Penelope again.


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