I Think I Just Got Beekeeping Equipment from Morgan Freeman

I want to be a beekeeper.

I know that probably sounds insane.

But let’s analyze this from a logical perspective:
1) This is me we are talking about
2) I am not necessarily sane
3) I got chickens and then needed something new to add to my pretend farm
4) I got rabbits and now I need something new to add to my pretend farm
5) You get to wear a space suit when you are a beekeeper
6) You also get to wield a smoke gun
7) Bees are one of the single most ecologically helpful things you can raise
8) They will help with my garden
9) Did I mention that there are space suits and smoke guns involved?
10) Research has revealed that Morgan Freeman is rumored to be a beekeeper

So I saw this ad on Craigslist today giving away a free bee colony, complete with supplies and help setting it all up. Yes, really. I was a little freaked out by calling a random stranger, but after some conversation I discovered this guy not only SOUNDS JUST LIKE MORGAN FREEMAN, but he also knows a LOT about beekeeping and transporting bee colonies. Between being lulled by the Morgan Freeman voice and my deep desire to wear a space suit, I didn’t stand a chance.

Winter is not the time to move a bee colony, so the Hubbster and I will be embarking on this new insanity come springtime…

Note that I am not going to get this stuff alone. I am fully aware of the freaks on Craigslist… 🙂


13 thoughts on “I Think I Just Got Beekeeping Equipment from Morgan Freeman

  1. Bill Breen

    ALL of the bees out here (AZ) are Africanized, I believe. Makes the “space suits” critically necessary here. ;^) Although necessary for the plants, our bees have NO sense of humor.

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  2. Exciting! Even if the guy doesn’t turn out to be Morgan Freeman. 🙂

    The guy that started our local farmer’s market is trying to start a bee co-operative. They’ll be located right next to the community gardens, of which we are thinking of renting a plot or two. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to live here! Now we just need the city to allow backyard chickens…

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  3. This is fascinating ! I’m sure there are a lot of only communities/forums where you can also find some tips about bee-keeping. I’m very excited to read about this “adventure”. It’s fascinating. In my town, they organize bee-keeper course and a lot of my neighbors sell honey. It’s delicious, nothing to compared to honey you can find in the supermarket.

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    1. It really is different getting freah homey rather than from the supermarket. Especially here — often they will put corn syrup in with the honey, thus rendering it nutritionally pointless…


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