Rabbit Clothes and Snowmen

I know I often go on about the Wee Little Miss and just how wonderful she is.

I do hope you’re not sick of that just yet, because you’re in for more…

I know all children have an amazing creativity about them. I do feel that homeschooling is allowing my daughter to hang on to her creativity in a spectacular fashion — and I sincerely hope it is allowing her to have the time to secure who she is and her creativity (amongst all of the other wonderful bits) within a strong foundation in preparation for the World. I know I cannot always protect her, and that it is important to slowly nudge her out there into that World, especially at her age and moving forward.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that she will quickly be moving into adulthood that causes me to cling to these things so very much right now.

Whatever the reason for my clinging, I present to you, dear reader:
A Few Reasons Why the Wee Little Miss is So Very Awesome.

She has spent the better part of the past two days painstakingly sewing clothes for our rabbits:

Poor Tim had to be the model because neither of the girls would cooperate. Still, he looks very nice, don’t you think?

Then, to make up for the girly dress, she made him a top hat and suit. Tim is so very tolerant!

Then, today when I got home from a VERY long and rather stressful day at work, I was greeted by this in the freezer:

Welcome Home Snowman.

I am well and truly lucky.

Thanks, kiddo. I hope you one day look back fondly on my silly ramblings about you.

Julie O. — note the blog banana. Hannah recently found it amongst some items we had not unpacked and insists upon keeping it in her room. So much for mailing it out…


13 thoughts on “Rabbit Clothes and Snowmen

    1. I thought the same thing when she showed me. If I had made it, I would have been getting frustrated by trying to secure the hat on with a strap under his chin. Goes to show that she knows what she’s about!

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