One of the interesting things about starting a new job is exploring your new desk. What did the person who was there previously leave behind? You never really know what to expect.

Today, I discovered that my desk’s previous occupant was very much able to lock things. Also, to unlock things.


The trouble is, nobody knows what these keys go to. Not the person in charge of maintenance, not the big boss, not the security guy. Nobody.

Mind you, all of these keys were found just in one desk drawer!


7 thoughts on “Keys

  1. Wow, that’s almost as many keys as I had when I did security. I did atleast have a book of key numbers and where they went too though. Oh my what a cluster you what that looks like

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  2. I hope none of them are their personal keys! That looks like a mess to me, too. I’m surprised they didn’t leave behind notes in regards to them. Unless maybe they left the job on not so great terms…:s

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