Baby bunnies!

Today was the first day they ventured out of the nesting box. Too cute!

EditThey will be three weeks old on Monday. Sorry I forgot to post about them til now — just too much going on!


6 thoughts on “Baby bunnies!

  1. Do you think you’ll have a problem eating them? That’s the one thing Mark has been a tiny bit apprehensive about with our talking about raising meat rabbits: would we become emotionally attached to them? Will you guys be doing the butchering or do you have a local butcher who will do that for you? I’ve read some blog posts and even watched some videos, but I’m squeamish, so I don’t know that I could do it myself.

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    1. I don’t think it’ll be a problem, but we shall see when it comes down to it. The babies don’t get named. Whenever I feel myself starting to waver, I remind myself WHY we are doing this, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so difficult any more…

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