We have just been to a restaurant where they gave us two sets of dirty silverware.

They then gave us water in glasses which were caked with filth.
We drank our cocktails and excused ourselves from ordering, saying we have just realized we are on a shorter timeline than we originally anticipated and asked for the bill.
15 minutes later, the Hubbster has taken to paying at the bar because the wait staff is oblivious.
Going out? Don’t hit the Applebee’s in Williamsburg. Instead, go to the Library Tavern — where the food is great, the beer is great, and it is all cheap and served with a smile.

11 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Library Tavern just sounds like a better establishment anyway. I find it difficult to eat out anymore, especially chain restaurants. A couple months ago we were out with my folks at Max & Erma’s because my parents just got in this groove where that’s where they would go out to eat. Well, my dad was complaining how the last few times, their chicken tortilla soup was just too salty. The day we were with them, they told the waiter and he said, “I don’t know what’s wrong. We just opened the bag.”

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